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Your Trusted Technology Partner

We are the technology sourcing and support masters

  • Partnering with the world's largest distributors of computer and electronics technologies.
  • Offering over 400,000 different products and services by most of the major brands and manufactures
  • Backed up by our 50 years of combined experience in computer technologies sales, support, operation, maintenance, quality control, distribution, and logistics.


During our past 29 years we proudly supported IT needs to well over 70,000 clients. Our customers include individual owners of PC and consumer electronics products, medium size to large /enterprise organizations, computer repair houses, systems integrators, Value Added Resellers (VAR) – covering almost every type of domestic / private and Government industries.

Jan Cherkowski – Company founder and President followed up his passion to this incredible technology after spending over 17 years working with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Field Service, Technical Management, Systems Integrations, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Advanced Business Technology, Inc. continued working with Digital Equipment Corporation after signing agreement as OEM Partner promoting and developing custom solutions based on the latest (then) 64-bit Alpha chip technologies supplying custom configured servers and high-performance workstations to the entertainment (video productions), engineering, architects and Government Contactors type clients.

As DEC OEM Partner, Advanced Business Technology, Inc. was invited by Digital Equipment Corporation to attend NAB trade show in Las Vegas to promote and demonstrate DEC Alpha based custom built workstation running video editing applications as well Pro/E software on Tru64 Unix and MS Windows.

Further on – Advanced Business Technology, Inc. become registered reseller and partner with Kodak Imaging, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPe), Lenovo, Lexmark, Xerox, Intel, AMD, Toshiba, Iomega, Asus, APC, Seagate, Western Digital, NEC – just to mention few of the over 100 main-stream manufacturers representing a vast range of supported products.

Since 1993 ABT Inc. Advanced Business Technology Inc. (ABT) has been providing customers with products and integration services offering over 50 years of combined professional experience working in computer hardware and software design, engineering, maintenance, integration, applications development, systems solution, quality control and distribution.